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TWO Consecutive Albums Landing In The Top 8 Of The Itunes Charts.



In a time where country music seems to be dominated by songs about girls, back roads and tailgate parties, the independently-released CDs, 2020's Politics and Religion and the previous release in 2017's Between The Devil and The Angel seem to have struck a chord with listeners still craving the traditional style of country similar to Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard.

BOTH albums debuted at #8 on the Itunes charts, in the same company as national recording artists James Taylor, Tyler Childers , Tyer Farr, Kip More and Colter Wall. The most recent landing on the FRONT of the Itunes Store for New Music and a top spot on Apples biggest Country Playlist Country Roads.  To land multiple albums that high in the charts without any label support and purely as an independent artists speaks to how well James's music resonates with people.

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